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How to install Kodi using Sideloadly?

01/11/2022 Cập nhật lúc: November 02, 2022 2:57 am

How to install Kodi using Sideloadly?

Step 1: 

Connect your iDevice with your computer, and make sure that it is turned ON. If iTunes or some other program pops up then close that first.


Step 2: Open Sideloadly and check your device is detected. Enter your Apple account, choose your Kodi ipa file and press Start button. You will be asked to enter your Apple account password and verification code. This is required by Sideloadly to sign the ipa file with your own ID

Sideloadly main window

Step 3: Wait until Sideloadly reports process as Done. You’ll be able to see Kodi icon on your iDevice.


Step 4: Once you see Kodi icon in your iDevice, go in Settings > General > Profiles & Device management and Trust the Apple ID you used which installation.


Step 5: Finally, Now you should have kodi working on your iOS device.

Good luck!


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